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Eloise, Turner Valley

Way to go ‘Inspired Way Feng Shui’!!!

Only a few weeks have passed since you were here with your expertise and there has been such a surge of energy in my home!  Every room has more space – how did that happen??

My office has such a professional feel!  I have more space and I now have a comfortable client area.  The potted plants, both in the office and the master bedroom, look fantastic.

The list you provided has been a significant help.  I reference the colors and placement of suggested items; most of which I’ve had tucked away in boxes, cupboards or in the wrong place in other rooms!  The few items I have had to buy – a red towel and some silk plants – seem to just appear in stores that have never carried those items!

With much gratitude, I thank you so much Lori for your knowledge of Feng Shui.  I’ve always been a person who placed things because there was a space, and never moved them around too much.  But because of your inspirations, I look at things differently know.  I sometimes look at something and think –hmm, I think that really belongs in a different area!  Something as subtle as changing peach flowers to blue makes an area a whole new space.

I applied for a part time position at a local store and was hired at the interview – doing what I love!  And, I have had interest in my own home business!
Thank you 🙂

Karen Filthaut, Sylvan Lake, AB,

Lori did a Feng Shui consultation on my home 3 years ago. Having an open floor plan, limited furniture and accessories I imagined a long list of things I would need to purchase to pull off a different look. I was amazed at how just by moving and placing objects I already had in different places gave my home a completely different look and a much better feel. I surprisingly found some things emotionally hard to move and was thankful, due to her strong belief in what she does, to encourage me with “You can always move it back” approach. Without that I would never have experienced the renewed life of those objects, and the joy in seeing them in a more suitable area of my house. The biggest change I noticed immediately after was the satisfaction I felt every time I entered a different room in my home. It is always hard to pin point exactly what changes are as a result of Feng Shui, especially when you do the whole house, but in the next couple of years my husband and I, who have never been on an exotic holiday, went on 2 cruises after sprucing up the travel area.

Lori teaches as she is Feng Shuing so I have been able to use her ideas and techniques in the years following. Recently I noticed that my daughter was having real congestion issues. Getting a cold that would never go away and I had a nagging cough. I found the Health area of our house in part of her room which was literally congested with clothes etc. I cleaned and de-cluttered the area and within days her breathing and my cough was better. As much as I believed it would help, I had no idea the effect would be so great. To this day her room stays clean (without any nagging from me, as she emotionally feels better) and we have not had problems with her being continuously congested.

Treena Mielke, Columnist

Lori was kind and sweet enough to come visit me and feng shui my bedroom at a time when I was feeling discouraged and depressed and, coincidentally, my bedroom was disorganized and messy.

Despite the responsibilities and duties required in her own life at the time, she took a few hours to come over and spend time feng shuing my room. She was surprisingly quick and knowledgable and managed to somehow turn un-organization into organization, and in so doing, created pleasing, beautiful surroundings for me, using furnishings and accessories which were already in my home.

As she worked, she talked, explaining what she was doing and the importance of placing items in such a way as to enhance relationships, health and prosperity.

She gave great attention to detail and despite the late hour, she focused on excellence, order and proper feng shui techniques.

Since her visit, I have added a few things which she suggested such as new curtains and end tables, but the basic way she laid everything out has not been changed.

I will be forever grateful for the time she gave me and the knowledge of feng shui she so willingly imparted.
I would recommend her services to anyone many times over.
Thanks, Lori!


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