Feng Shui Services

Serving Comox Valley on Vancouver Island, BC: Travel outside of Comox Valley will require an additional travel fee.

Feng Shui Consultation 
$75.00 per hour (approx. 1-3 hours)

* Fill out client info questionnaire

* Together we’ll walk through your home and discuss areas that you feel you need help in and areas that you love.

* Explain the Bagua map and the Five Elements.
* Begin from the front door and walk through your home applying the Bagua Map and suggesting/making any changes that can be made.
* Incorporate Five Elements to bring balance and harmony to your living space.
* Balance the Chi flow and provide suggestions to correct it.
* Promote Safety, Comfort and Beauty.
* Offer Feng Shui ‘cures’ for stagnant or depleted Chi areas.
* Discuss color, furniture and art placement.
* Discuss the power of de-cluttering.
* Apply Bagua Map to physical structure and anchor missing Gua areas.
* Identify personal and/or business goals and enhance specific Gua areas you would like to work on.

For your reference you’ll receive:
Detailed Bagua map

* Five Elements map
* Client info Worksheet
* Affirmations for the Bagua Map
* Feng Shui Chi Enhancers list
* Clutter Clearing Questionnaire

Your home should inspire you the moment you arrive and walk through the front door!

Inspired Way Feng Shui honors and respects your home and work environment. We do not judge or criticize. We offer suggestions based on Feng Shui principles and guidelines. We honor your budget and personal style. Our goal is to lift the Chi, enrich your life, and provide you with a healthy balanced harmonious living environment.

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