The Bagua Map

The Bagua Map

The Bagua Map (pronounced Ba-gwa) is one of the main tools used in Feng Shui. It is composed of 9 sections or Guas. Each Gua corresponds to a different area of your life. This map is placed over your home or office to determine where these Guas lay within your home so that you will be able to evaluate the specific areas that may need enhancing or improving.

How to place the Bagua Map
Draw a floor plan of your home (include any decks or garages that are attached to your home). Draw a box around the map of your home so it includes the decks or garage inside the box. Your map will now be a rectangle or square. Place the Bagua Map over the floor plan.  The Bagua Map is always positioned so that the front door to your home is at the bottom of the map. Your front door will be in one of the following Guas: Helpful People & Travel, Career or Knowledge & Self Cultivation.

What each Gua relates to:

Wealth & Prosperity: Symbolize the flow of abundance of all forms, cash flow.

Fame & Reputation: How we are seen by the world and how we see ourselves. Your reputation in your community or job. The recognition for what you do.

Love & Relationships: Relates to committed relationships with others and with ourselves.

Creativity & Children: Refers to creative projects of all kinds and your relationship to children.

Helpful People & Travel: All those who you see as helpful (clients, employers, customers, angels, friends, etc). Travel and journeys near and far.

Career: Life purpose, what you do for a paycheck, community work.

Knowledge & Self Cultivation: Information we know or want to learn, self growth, peace of mind.

Health & Family: Anything that has to do with health. Relationships with our immediate family and other people that feel like family.

Center: Being grounded, centered and at peace.

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